Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is ANANTAM?

Anantam is a collaborative and grand-scale technical fest organized by IEEE BKBIET Student Branch and GDSC BKBIET Techfest. It features a diverse range of events, including hackathons, robotics competitions, DSA competitions, quizzes, speaker sessions, and various fun activities.

2. When and Where will ANANTAM take place?

Anantam is taking place from 8th January 2024 to 11th January 2024 at B K Birla Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pilani.

3. How can I register for ANANTAM events?

To register for Anantam events, follow these steps. First, visit the registration page and complete the form by the deadline of 5th January 2024. For payment, transfer the necessary funds to the specified account: Account Holder's Name: B K Birla Institute of Engineering & Technology Bank & Branch: ICICI Bank Pilani Account Number: 153801000110 IFSC Code: ICIC0001538

4. Are there any prerequisites for participating in specific events?

The prerequisites vary according to the rules of each event, with specific minimum requirements outlined for participants.

5. Can I participate in multiple events?

Yes, You can participate multiple events.

6. Is there a registration fee for ANANTAM?

there is a standard minimum registration fee mentioned in the registration form.

  • Anant Netrunn - Hackathon: INR 599/team
  • Robowar: INR 599/Team
  • Dalal Street: INR 99/Participant
  • Code Crunch: INR 99/Participant
  • Bid Boundaries: INR 49/Participant
  • Pixel Perfect: INR 49/Participant
  • Binary Brains: INR 49/Participant
  • Manga Mania: INR 49/Participant
  • Frameflix: INR 19/Participant
  • Blind Date: INR 19/Participant
  • Esports Street: BGMI (Mobile): INR 399/Team FREE FIRE (Mobile): INR 399/Team CSGO (PC): INR 499/Team Valorant (PC): INR 499/Team
  • SYMPOSIUM: No Registration Fee(registration Not Required)

7. Are there any accommodation facilities for out-of-town participants?

Yes, Accommodation facilities is available for out-of-town participants on payment basis

08. Can I attend speaker sessions without participating in the competitions?


09. How can I get updates and announcements about ANANTAM?

To get updates about ANANTAM, follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as visit our website.

10. Will certificates be provided for participation?

Yes, a certificate is provided for all participants.

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